2. Super High Dinossaur!




  4. Our main character has more pixels now! The reason is because we changed a lot of things on our game concept, it had to be more serious looking, something that really could fit in a more scary/dark game. Also he doesn’t have a shield anymore, for awesome mechanical reasons I hope I’ll be showing you guys in the future.

    Also, we’re working on our upcoming site/devblog so you can check stuff about our game.

    We don’t want to give any names right now because we keep discussing those things on and on, so nothing is really defined YET.

    Do the evolution baby!

  5. A test piece for a level chunk. The idea is for a cold underground facility, with lots of degradation and old structures consumed by time and nature. We don’t know what type of cenario it’s going to be yet, if it’s more like an old prison or a cave. I tried to give a little bit of depth with the background wall and the stones below the floor.. think I’m going to try this kind of style more than once!

    Also I really enjoy how the character stands out on this kind of non-saturated enviroment. 

  6. Frost breath! 

  7. orcblase:

    A zombie in idle and walking, my first pixel art/pixel animation attempt! Thanks regularmath for the private classes and  patience =D

    (Source: elvexkidd)

  8. A comparison between the old and new design for the game’s main character.

  9. Frost Skull.

    Animation for a game that I’m making.

  10. Charged attack! VOOOOOOSH